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TRUCKADS® Changeable Banner Frame System

McLean, VA (June 23, 2006) - TRUCKADS® introduced the TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME System today. TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME technology integrates SECUR-TABS® technology developed by TRUCKADS® with 3M® Dual Lock® and VHB® technology. This is a significant improvement over other commercially available frame systems. SECUR-TABS® don’t penetrate the banner, create holes in the banner or pop off unexpectedly. SECUR-TABS® technology prevents migration of the frame due to road vibration.

"TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME System does not exceed the
 USDOT 23 CFR, 658.15 Maximum Truck Width
when placed on both sides of a 102" inch wide truck."

Other frame systems are a distraction from the creative. Advertisers spend thousands of dollars to advertise on trucks and we learned they do not want the banner frame hardware to visibly dominate the creative. Most other systems are made of metal and create an unattractive display.

TRUCKADS® also required an absolutely safe and foolproof frame system for customers. Other systems did not meet strict standards of safety and/or USDOT Regulation compliance. The TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME System with SECUR-TABS® and 3M® Dual Lock® offers a much stronger and completely safe solution for securing banners to trucks and walls than most other systems. TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME System has never failed and comes with a lifetime warranty and replacement guarantee.

"Update: TRUCKADS® Awarded Banner Frame Patents."

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We accept creative advertising for most products and services. We willingly promote most businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse advertising that is deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking guidelines and community standards. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how to do it yourself.

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