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Vinyl Master Cleaning Solution for Your Truck Fleet Banners

Fleet Graphics Cleaning Made Easy

Vinyl banners on trucks and trailers get dirty. That is why it is important to clean them regularly. If they are cleaned regularly with VINYL MASTER cleaning solution, dirt and oil grime from the road will not have the chance to build up on the vinyl banners. Road grime on truck advertising is an image no advertiser wants potential customers to see.

Now you can clean your truck sides with VINYL MASTER. It is an affordable spray on solution and once applied with a pump spray, you simply wait 2 minutes and then spray it off with a power washer. It's easy and effective. See the video here.

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Fleet Graphics Cleaner

Cleans Road Grime off Truck Side Vinyl Banners

Cleaning Solution Engineered for Vinyl Banners on Box Trucks and Semi-trailers

Use it every time you wash and it will keep your fleet looking great!

VINYL MASTER is a low alkaline detergent and biodegradable cleaning solution that quickly removes road grime.

One gallon (1-1 dilution) cleans one 53' semi-trailer.

One gallon (1-4 dilution) cleans four 53' semi-trailers.

Easily incorporate VINYL MASTER into your truck side washing program.

Fleet Cleaning Tips

Wash vinyl banner truck sides every 1-2 weeks in the winter and every 2-3 weeks in the summer.

Dilute VINYL MASTER solution with water (1-1 up to 1-4) as needed.

Lower the cost per cleaning to less than $5 per 53' semi-trailer. (purchase 4 drums, 1-4 dilution)

Apply VINYL MASTER solution, then power wash off for a great clean look every time.

Fleet Graphics Cleaning Results

Quick acting wet solution cuts thru road grime (oil) in about 2 minutes.

Sleek and clean truck side graphics, project a positive image for businesses.

It pays to keep your fleet graphics clean.


Price List

1 Gallon: $32
2 Gallons: $54
1 Drum (55 Gallons): $1320
4 Drums (220 Gallons): $4840

Note: Fast, Free shipping. Free drum pump with your first 55 gallon drum order.

All orders are prepaid by credit card or check, unless an account has been set up.

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