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TRUCK ADS® Frames with SECUR-TABS® technology, makes our frame system one of the strongest truck side banner frames currently available for sale. It is also the slimmest profile and lightest weight of all the banner frame systems, extending just 3/16 of an inch beyond the face of the truck side. Light weight equals lowest cost of ownership. Can you imagine after paying the highest price for a banner and frame system from one of our competitors, you will still pay up to $952 per year more in fuel loss because of the weight? Read more...

TRUCK ADS® frame components were independently tested against metal connection components and won. Metal connection components (welds and rivets) failed during constant simulated road vibration tests. TRUCK ADS® Frame component made with VHB® adhesive, did not fail and comes with a lifetime warranty.

TRUCK ADS® Frames fitted to both sides of a 102" wide truck or trailer, (most trailers are maximum width) do not cause the vehicle to exceed 102.36" width. See USDOT 23 CFR, 658.15 and 658.16. Attaching a billboard frame that causes a truck to exceed USDOT truck width limits is illegal.

TRUCK ADS® is a premier brand name in truck media frame technology, worldwide. Our frame system has been installed on billboards, walls, trucks and buses on every continent in the world. TRUCK ADS® Display Mounting System patents with Secur-Tabs®, Dual Lock® and VHB® technology are protected by U.S. Patent 8,037,629 (valid until 2027) U.S. Patent 8,037,631 and Canadian Patent 2,589,845 (valid until 2027). Other patents pending. Inventor: Rod Harris.

TRUCK ADS® Frame Kit with SECUR-TABS® on a Truck

DESIGNED TO SAVE YOU GAS. When you are ready to purchase the strongest, lightest weight and lowest profile vinyl banner media frame system for vehicles, guaranteed to last a lifetime, call 1 800 TRUCKAD.

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We accept creative advertising for most products and services. We willingly promote most businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse advertising that is deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking guidelines and community standards. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how to do it yourself.

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