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Yes. Our patented vinyl banner frame system is legal in the U.S., Canada and Mexico when placed on both sides of a 102" wide truck to display advertising space. Make sure the banner frame system you install on a truck does not cause the vehicle to exceed the Department of Transportation (USDOT) truck width regulations for trucks operating in the U.S. All commercial banner frame systems for hire that we researched, do not comply with the USDOT CFR 23, 658.15 truck width limit.


Yes, we recognize some banner sizes must be an exact size. If necessary, when you order a banner, our easy order system lets you specify the banner size to within 1/8 of an inch, with a tolerance in overall size of + or - 1/4". [NOTE: It is best if you can size the height and width of banners in "even whole numbers...2, 4, 6, etc". This allows you to avoid the end of a frame landing on a row of rivets which is not safe. Rivets on the side of trailers and trucks are usually spaced on "even number inches".]


We have a lifetime frame warranty and will replace any damaged or defective frame not the result of the purchasers fault for free. When you buy banners from us, there is a 2 year guarantee on the inks.


No. Unlike all banner stretching metal frame systems where the banner must be stretched tight and often times re-stretched to stop the banner from banging the sides of the truck, the TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME System requires no stretching. In fact, stretching only contributes to early ink failure. During installation, the flex banner must be "pulled" straight and square and this is done without tools.

Preferred by Truckers


No. The billboard mounting kit is bonded to the mounting surface which attaches a banner without damaging the surface. No holes to fill or paint to touch up.


"Get Your Kicks on Route 66"
Great Americana Music in the Background


Metal frames cost more. When you compare all factors including, weight, shipment, installation, repairs, removal and the most important reason, "total cost of ownership", metal vinyl banner frame systems cost much more than the TRUCK ADS® Flex-Banner Frame System. TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME KIT IS DESIGNED TO SAVE YOU GAS. Also, see our "Best Price Guarantee".


No. The TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME System remains clean and free of dirt and grime because it is a closed system and there are no pockets or joints that can fill up with water and dirt. Metal frames have many groves and pockets that are susceptible to collecting dirt and grime. This can cause metal frames to freeze up and difficult to remove.


No. Our truck side frame system is a value added product for any truck. It will likely be useful to the next owner of the truck who can use it to advertise. You can't say that about metal frames that look like ugly picture frames without a picture.


Yes. There are many circumstances where you may want to cut the vinyl into an unusual shape to fit on a wall. Also, there are many times when the bull nose corners at the front of a box truck are curved and our frame system will accommodate these special situations. Metal frames cannot do this.


No. We have billboard mounting kit sizes from 5 square feet to 900 square feet. Two (18 ounce wt.) banners and two frames that cover both sides of a 53 foot trailer, weighs just 118 pounds. Compare with competitor's metal frames and banners that weigh up to 450 pounds. Rod Harris, CEO TRUCK ADS


2 Banners + 2 Frames (118 Pounds Per 53' Trailer) = Engineered To Save Fuel.


No. The frame projects less than 1/4" from the sides. Even when the vinyl banner is not installed there is no wind drag. You can't say that about some metal frames that have pockets and can actually cause the metal frame to loosen over time. Metal may create a potential safety hazard and higher fuel costs.


Just 3/16" - less than all other systems available today. There is no wind drag and less chance the frame system will be damaged by foreign objects coming in contact with the truck. The maximum width of a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) is restricted. Be sure the frame system you install does not cause your truck to exceed USDOT regulations.


Never. Unlike metal frames that occasionally require re-stretching, our system keeps on looking great for as long as it is up. The vinyl banner in a metal frame system will actually start to bang against the sides of the truck from the wind after awhile and will need to re-stretched to prevent this.


The TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME system requires a minimum of 12 ounce vinyl up to 23 ounce maximum. For truck sides we recommend 18 ounce vinyl with scrim. The lighter the vinyl, the less fuel your truck uses. Our system with 18 ounce vinyl won't loosen over time because it is not stretched during installation. Heavier vinyl costs more per square foot.


The TRUCKADS® billboard attaching system is strong and safe. It will not loosen and tear away from the truck body over time. Compare this with metal frames that are rigid. Metal frames do not flex with the truck like the TRUCK ADS® Frame and over time the rivets attaching it to the truck will loosen and possibly make the system unsafe and dangerous.


Yes! Click here to use our visualization tools. Maximum graphic file size is 3mb.


Unlike banner sizes which are critical, the frame can be cut with scissors to fit the exact banner size. Ordering a frame a couple of inches larger is not necessary either, because each kit contains the right amount of frame (1-2ft extra), plus SECUR-TABS® and ACTIVATOR.


This rarely happens. To guard against needing more frame, measure twice before ordering and cut once. If you need a patch frame for the substrate or the banner, go to our iStore and order a frame patch for the banner and/or the substrate under "Tools and Miscellaneous Items". Frame patch kits come with all necessary items for proper repairs and replacement.


Our proprietary, patented frame system is strong and safe. Our frames were tested safe by one of the world's leading independent vehicle testing facilities. See strength test. Actual drive time in 2013 was estimated at over 284,000,000 miles, without failure. All frames come with a lifetime warranty.


Yes. TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME kits on stationary walls and billboards cost less because less frame is required for this type of installation. When ordering for stationary installations, indicate if the application is for "glass or ceramic" or "other" surface. If you prefer, purchase Dual Lock at bulk prices, for stationary installations only.


TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME will securely adhere to raw metal, metal with baked on factory finish, fiberglass, glass and ceramic. Frame will remain in place until you decide to remove it. Surface where frame is to be attached must be a non-porous, smooth flat surface. Do not install TRUCKADS® Frame directly to wood, brick, concrete or non-baked on painted surfaces. Once you purchase the frame kit, see installation manual for additional details.


Next day delivery is available on credit card orders received by 11am ET. Available shipping options include next day air, second day air and ground shipment. Delivery options, subject to carrier limits.


TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME is the slimmest profile frame system for vehicles, available for sale.

The frame is made from a polymer material that is less than 3/16" thick. The frame width is only 1" wide. The SECUR-TABS® are approximately 1.5" square. When attached to both sides of a 102" wide truck, the frame system does not exceed truck width limits mandated by the USDOT.

"TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME Kit technology meets USDOT 23 CFR, 658.15 for truck width restrictions, when placed on both sides of a 102" wide truck."

TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME System is invisible when connected to a truck side and the banner is attached. When the banner is removed THE INVISIBLE MEDIA FRAME SYSTEM® is hardly noticeable because it blends into the truck side and is only 1" wide. See cross section and installation photos below. To compare ordinary heavy metal frames with TRUCKADS® Frames, click here.

Detailed Drawing of TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME Kit and Secur-tabs®
Secur-tabs and Banner Frame

For do it yourself installers, a 53 foot long semi-trailer costs less than $3900 for both sides. For a 24 foot box truck it costs less than $2200 for both sides. Add about $650 if you do the back of the truck or trailer with a decal. For pricing and ordering, click here. Sign companies and qualified resellers can buy at wholesale.


Standard turn around time for printing is 5 business days from the date we receive ready to print art work.

Rush Production for Banners: If you need your banners and frames quick, choose rush production, "3 day" or "4 day" option and ship "next day air". Total production and delivery time when choosing rush option is 4-5 business days. Rush service and rush shipping are extra.







We accept advertising for most products and services. We promote most types of businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse ads that are deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking guidelines. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how you can advertise your items on a truck.


Visit TRUCK ADS® iStore to order custom sized banners and frames for your truck sides. See testimonials for frames and banners.

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