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Federally Registered Trademarks in the United States
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Reg. No. #2838348
Reg. No. #3027883
Reg. No. #3251333
Reg. No. #3202204


Reg. No. #2530810


Reg. No. #3400399


Reg. No. #2804676

Federally Registered Trademark in Canada
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Reg. No. TMA713424

Unauthorized and Illegal use of TRUCK ADS, LLC Trademarks and Service Marks are Prohibited.

TRUCKADS® and TRUCK ADS® are premier brand names in truck side advertising and fleet graphics. Because of our well known trademarks with the public, trucking companies and truck side advertising brokers, there are some companies who are trading on our well known brand name without authorization. All of our Trademarks and Service Marks are now incontestable pursuant to 15 U.S.C. 1065.

Businesses who knowingly engage in this type of deception are attempting to fool the public. This occurs even though it is in violation of Trademark laws. We aggressively pursue legal remedies to all unauthorized use of our trademarks.

Deceptive and false advertising hurts all businesses who offer quality products and services to their customers. Report it to your Better Business Bureau. TRUCK ADS, LLC has been a member since 2002.

Q. Why are trademarks protected as trademarks, including the TRUCKADS® brand name as one word and TRUCK ADS® as two words?

Trademarks are protected for three major reasons.

1. Trademark laws help companies create a brand so consumers can be assured they are purchasing the same product or service from the same company every time.

2. Trademark laws give an incentive for businesses to produce quality products and services under their brand name. Companies are assured that consumers will look for their products and services with their trademark if they consistently make quality goods or services.

3. Trademark laws discourage unscrupulous behavior and enrichment by other companies who prey on other companies who market a successful product and then sell an inferior product or service using a confusingly similar trademark or brand name.

Q. How long will TRUCK ADS, LLC own our trademarks, service marks and trade names?

Trademark rights can last forever in the United States. In the US, registered trademarks are valid for six years from the date of registration, and can be renewed as long as the mark is used. All of our service marks and trademarks are now incontestable pursuant to 15 U.S.C. 1065.

Q. What is trademark infringement?

You may not use a trademark unless the owner has licensed the trademark to you or otherwise given you expressed permission to use the mark. In most circumstances, if you use a trademark without permission, you are committing trademark infringement.

"Likelihood of Confusion" is the test for trademark infringement both under the (federal) Lanham Act and at common law. The plaintiff in trademark infringement cases are not required to prove that the infringer acted intentionally. Federal dilution laws also protect trademark owners against unauthorized use of someone's mark on non-competing goods even when the goods and services are not related.

Q. What are the penalties for trademark infringement?

Under the (federal) Lanham Act, the remedies for trademark infringement include:

1. injunctive relief,
2. an accounting for profits,
3. damages, including treble damages when appropriate,
4. attorney's fees, and
5. court costs.

These remedies can be cumulative. A plaintiff may recover not only the defendant's profits, but also damages. Both damages and profits can be adjusted by the court to actual proven damages to three times that demonstrated, and profits to an amount the court finds appropriate. The Lanham Act also provides that the court may order the destruction of "all items and products" in the defendant's possession which bear the infringing trademark.

The Trademark Counterfeiting Act of 1984, 18 U.S.C.A. 2320 defines certain forms of trademark infringement as "trafficking in counterfeit goods", made punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment and a $250,000.00 fine.

The median cost for trademark cases that go all the way to trial was estimated to be $128,000.00 in 1996, which means half the cases cost more!

Q. When does TRUCK ADS, LLC take action against trademark infringers?

TRUCK ADS, LLC actively, aggressively and successfully enforce their intellectual property rights for the TRUCK ADS® and TRUCKADS® trademark to the fullest extent of the law. TRUCK ADS, LLC takes action against trademark infringers who have attempted to misappropriate forms of the TRUCK ADS® and TRUCKADS® marks, including misappropriation for use as Domain Names.

The owners of TRUCK ADS, LLC have successfully enforced their rights against literally hundreds of different infringers.

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