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TRUCK ADS®, is a nationwide truckside advertising company that will help you get noticed. Truck side advertising is media displayed on truck sides to advertise products and services to OOH audiences. Utilizing white advertising trucks for your OOH ad campaign will help your brand grow faster. We offer truckside advertising, on all white delivery trucks in most U.S. Designated Markets and parts of Canada.

Advertising in the Fast Lane®

If you own ten or hundreds of trucks or trailers and need professional fleet graphic services for your business or your client's business, team with TRUCK ADS®. We install and maintain heavy duty vinyl banners using our patented vinyl banner frame system. INVISA-FRAME is the most technologically advanced fleet graphics frame system that will make your fleet graphics look great.

INVISA-FRAME comes with a lifetime warranty. Installed, it is completely concealed from view and does not damage your truckside. It is super light weight, so it saves fuel when compared to other heavier frame systems. Light weight means the lowest cost of ownership in the fleet graphics industry.

TRUCKADS® Commitment to Your Advertising Success

Receive a written completion guarantee with photos of each truckside ad display.
See where your truckside ads are viewed daily, via illustrative GPS tracking maps.
Receive CPM impression estimates for transit advertising campaigns.


66,000+ Impressions per Day with 1 Truck


Delivered on the Sides of Local Box Trucks and Long Haul Semi-Trailers

TRUCKADS® offers effective and affordable truck media advertising campaigns on our network of ad trucks. Ads trucking media space is available on the sides of local delivery trucks that travel within metropolitan areas and on the sides of semi-trailers (big rigs) that travel regional interstate highway segments throughout most of the United States and parts of Canada. For more information and advertising rates, review our online truckside ad media kit and download a copy.

Truck Side Ad


Highly visible ADVERTISING TRUCK SPACE on the sides of a white truck, is one of the best methods of reaching consumers outdoors. The process for putting together an advertising campaign is straight forward and starts with the following:

Identify the media market(s) you want to target with your truckside advertising campaign.

Select the truck side advertising program that fits your needs and GRP goal. We will calculate the number of truck side ads needed to achieve your objective.

You will receive a free, no obligation advertising truck campaign quote, guaranteed for 60 days.

We keep your truckside ad super clean with our exclusive Vinyl Master cleaning solution.

Truck Vinyl Graphics Cleaner

More about outdoor mobile ad campaigns.

Ready to get started advertising? Call 1 (800) 878-2523. We look forward to working with you.

Compare Media Rates

The cost per month, per truck for Truckside Advertising In The Fast Lane is extremely low!

TRUCKADS® CPM truck side advertising impressions cost much less than TV, radio, newspaper, internet, direct mail, magazine and less than static billboard or bus side advertising impressions. Click here to compare media rates.

TRUCKADS® CPM truck side advertising impressions are a bargain compared to other forms of advertising. Click here for truck side advertising (CPM impression) calculators.

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We accept advertising for most products and services. We promote most types of businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse ads that are deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking terms. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how you can advertise your items on a truck.


Visit TRUCK ADS® iStore to order custom sized banners and frames for your truck sides. See testimonials for frames and banners.

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