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CARRIERS: Thank you for your interest in TRUCKADS® Carrier Ad Network. This year, we celebrate 25 years in the truck advertising business. As a pioneer in this industry, we owe much of our success to responsible truck owners who maintain excellent equipment.

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We are often asked; can I get paid to advertise on my truck or trailer? Can TRUCKADS® help me do this? The answer to both questions is yes. Be included in TRUCKADS® FREE Carrier Ad Network. We can help you find advertisers for your trucks and grow your business. TRUCKADS® splits the net profits 50/50.

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Fleet Graphics Cleaner

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FLEET GRAPHICS OPTION: If you work for a potential advertiser (a business you currently haul for) and would like to see their ads on your trucks, check out our fleet graphics services. We can help you help your customer grow their brand, while you preserve your truck sides with our banners and TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME System. Easy install (DIY) and no holes to drill. We can also deploy crews to perform the installation.


We accept advertising for most products and services. We promote most types of businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse ads that are deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking terms. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how you can do it yourself.


Visit TRUCK ADS® iStore. Order custom size banners and invisible frames for your truck sides. See testimonials from TRUCKADS® frame and banner users.
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