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National Fleet Graphic Services

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OOH Fleet Trailer Graphics

Fleet Graphics are adhesive decals or vinyl banners attached to truck sides with TRUCKADS® patented INVISA-FRAME system. OOH trailer graphics reach 100's of thousands consumers daily. It is a great media sales tool for your business. Vinyl banners are installed quicker and for a lower cost than adhesive decals and our full color vinyl banner and frame system, will turn your trucks into big mobile advertising billboards. See banner installation video below.

Hire TRUCKADS® and experience less down time for your fleet. We can save you time and money installing your graphics. Full color graphic banners are easily changed out to meet the needs of your ongoing fleet ad campaigns. Click the following link to visualize what your ad looks like on a truck.

TRUCKADS® national fleet graphic services include full color, heavy duty, 18 ounce, vinyl banners printed to your design specifications. TRUCKADS® installation crews deploy anywhere in the US to perform installations. Fleet graphics on trucks generate more visual impressions and reach more new customers than any other form of outdoor advertising. We help consumer product companies grow their business line of products and services with full color graphics.

Crew Installing Fleet Graphics On A Truck

The definition of fleet graphics is static displays that are placed on semi-trailers and box trucks that promote a product or service by an advertiser. Quantity of fleet ads vary depending on the size and reach of the ad campaign. Fleet graphics generally consist of the brand name, a tag line and an advertising message. Ads cover the truck side or partially cover the available space.

Sleek truck side graphics, project a positive image for businesses. If you are searching for professional fleet services, call TRUCKADS®. We turn blank, boring fleets into big branding vehicles. Easy Fill Online Form Below.

Fleet Graphic Services Available Nationwide

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Truck Banner Installation Video

Utilizing a changeable vinyl banner frame system and/or adhesive decals on local straight trucks and long haul semi-trailers, TRUCKADS® provides nationwide installation, repair and replacement management services for your graphics.

Fleet Graphics Advertising

KEEP YOUR FLEET CLEAN. When it's time to clean your vinyl banners and adhesive decals (every 2 to 4 weeks), use the best vinyl cleaning solution on the market. Fleet graphic banner cleaning is easy with VINYL MASTER.

Fleet Graphics Cleaner


Truck with Graphics Truck with Fleet Graphic Ad
Fleet Graphic on a Box Truck Ad on a Long Haul Trailer
Graphic on Truck Truck Advertising

If you are looking for a superior quality changeable banner frame system for your fleet, call us today. Purchase TRUCKADS® full color, heavy duty, 18 ounce, vinyl banners and our patented frame system directly from TRUCKADS®. Or purchase our system nationwide, thru a local sign company. Our frame system allows fleet owners to change out banners without damaging truck sides and without creating long down times for vehicles. Change out banners two or three times for the same price as one full wrap adhesive decal installation.


What type of truck fleets do we install graphics on?

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Fill in the form and we will call you about your truck fleet and graphic requirements.

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When you're ready to grow your business, call 1 800 878-2523.

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We accept advertising for most products and services. We promote most types of businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse ads that are deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking guidelines. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how you can advertise your items on a truck.


Visit TRUCK ADS® iStore to order custom sized banners and frames for your truck sides. See testimonials for frames and banners.

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