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TRUCKADS® Awarded Banner Frame Patents

McLean, VA (October 18, 2011) - Today, TRUCKADS® Ads was awarded two patent letters for invention of The Invisible Media Frame System®, which also goes by the name, TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME Kit. The frame system is protected by U.S. Patent #8037629 (valid until 2027) and #8037629 (valid until 2029). Other patents in Canada and patents pending in U.S.

TRUCKADS® executives are pleased that the patented vinyl banner frame system has been road tested for millions of miles (over 83 million and no failures) and has proved itself to be the strongest system on the market today. In spite of its light weight, the 3M adhesives used are superior to all other adhesives, which enables the frame to easily carry a full size banner on semi-trailers and box trucks. Each frame kit comes with a lifetime warranty and replacement guarantee. For more information regarding this frame and other products, please visit our iStore.

TRUCKADS Secur-tabs Specification Drawing

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