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To be successful selling ad space, you need to show advertisers an example of what the ad will look like. This helps sell your space. If you prefer to have TRUCKADS® broker your ad space, join our network of carriers and be part of the many truck owners and fleet managers who team with TRUCKADS®.

You can do both. TRUCKADS® can help you work directly with advertisers that pay you a monthly fee to advertise on your truck by purchasing "advertise here" banners. We also provide you with a personalized advertising agreement to use with your advertisers. In this circumstance, you will be able to purchase banners and frames at wholesale, using our online TRUCKADS® iStore.


Many types of businesses who sell to consumers (B to C) benefit from highly visible truck side advertising exposure. Local and national B to C advertisers branding their products and services, benefit most from truck side advertising. See example list.


Small and large carriers join our network of carriers. Some have just 1 truck and others have 100's of trucks and/or trailers. Carriers must have good equipment and make local or long haul deliveries in  U.S. Media Markets, delivering goods within a specific city or region and/or all over the country. Rod Harris, CEO TRUCKADS®


Our Carriers Have Great Trucks!


TRUCKADS® delivery trucks are standard all-white straight trucks or box trucks and all-white semi-trailers, as shown here.

Back Door Truck AdVinyl Banner on TruckBanner on truck

Local delivery trucks travel within specified U.S. Media Markets. Long haul semi-trailers travel city streets for 3 or 4 hours a day and then travel highways and interstate highways in and thru multiple US Media Markets the remainder of an 8 to 10 hour day.


Most trucks travel Monday thru Friday and some truck companies run their fleet Monday thru Saturday. Long haul semi-trailers often run six and seven days a week and are on the road an average of 26 days per month.


Truck owners make between $300 and $600 per truck, per month. It depends on the length of the campaign, the number of ads on the truck and the number of trucks and/or trailers you provide to us.


Using the TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME Kit to attach a banner to a semi-trailer or box truck is easy. First clean the surface where the frame is to be attached. Then apply the activator to the truck. Remove the protective cover from the back of the frame and Secur-Tabs®, then apply them to the truck side. Apply the other half of the frame to the back of the vinyl banner and attach the banner frame to the truck frame. See the video of a banner being installed on a truck.


TRUCKADS® vinyl signage is made from 3M®, Avery® and other quality manufacturer's. Inks are guaranteed for 2 years. Vinyl banners used with TRUCKADS® INVISA-FRAME KIT is a heavy duty 18 ounce vinyl with an interwoven scrim. For best wear and longevity, order banners with clear coat.


We guarantee the banner ink for 2 years and TRUCK ADS® Frame Kits have a lifetime warranty.


You notify us and we notify the advertiser. When the truck is up and running again, we will continue the ad campaign beyond the stop date in order to make up for lost time.


The TRUCKADS® brand has been in existence since 1991. In 1993 we explored the idea of offering truck side advertising and in 1996 when new signage materials were introduced to the industry, we began the process of becoming a mobile truck advertising company and offering ads on trucks. We are one of the first truck side advertising companies in the business. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB®) with no complaints in the 15 years we have been members.


We print and provide fleet graphics and installation services to businesses who regularly employee and advertise on fleets. We provide online media tools for advertisers, media buyers, ad agencies and truck owners. We help truck owners sell their truck side ad space by selling them "advertise here" banners and frames and their advertiser's banners and frames, at wholesale.

TRUCKADS® Banner Sign Store

We accept creative advertising for most products and services. We willingly promote most businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse advertising that is deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking guidelines and community standards. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how to do it yourself.

Please visit TRUCK ADS® Online iStore to shop for truck side banners and frames. Thank you for visiting TRUCKADS®.

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