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TRUCK ADS®, is one of the premier truckside advertising companies in the U.S. We offer truckside advertising, on all white delivery trucks at affordable rates in most U.S. Designated Markets and parts of Canada. Also, check out our fleet graphics services available nationwide. You may also wonder, what businesses benefit most from truckside advertising?


Court Upholds Los Angeles Mobile Billboard Ban
A federal appeals court has upheld mobile billboard bans in Los Angeles and three other Southern California cities....... More about this story.
Rise of Ad Blocking Software Naturally Increases Outdoor Truck Advertising Value
NEW YORK TIMES May 30, 2016
Many of the world's largest Internet companies, like Google and Facebook, rely heavily on advertising to finance their online empires...... More about this story.
Great News for Truckside Advertising - Mobile Ad Blockers Could Wipe Out Billions in Ad Revenue
YAHOO NEWS October 11, 2015
Paris (AFP) - Mobile Internet sites face a new threat as millions download ad-blockers to their phones and tablets, removing pesky adverts but potentially wiping out billions of dollars in advertising revenue..... More about this story.

See the Truck-Side Ad That Caused 500 Car Accidents in Moscow in One Day

ADWEEK October 16, 2014

There are enough distractions when you're driving. Your phone, the tunes, your coffee. But Russian drivers have to put up with so much More about this story.. More about this story.
Team with TRUCK ADS®
TRUCK ADS® April 2014
Truck owners make more money per month with TRUCKADS®. We show you how to earn more take home income by eliminating the middleman and rent your Ad space directly to advertisers.... More about this story.
MSAs, CSAs and DMAs: A Guided Tour of Local Market Designations
AgilityPr June 17, 2014
I've written previously about the importance of identifying "geographic scope" when targeting journalists. Most journalists write for either a national or local audience, but how do you define "local"? ... More about this story.
Maine Law Bans Billboard Trucks in Addition to Standalone Signs
The Bangor Daily News August 12, 2012
Mobile billboard trucks such as these are illegal in Maine due to a 35-year-old law outlawing billboards in the state. Buses and transport trucks or 18-wheelers hauling products or freight are exempted from the law because... More about this story.
TRUCKADS® April 2, 2010
See Your AD on a Truck Now, before it's too late. So says, "the powers that be" in the City of Austin. One question from this author to the citizens of Austin Texas, do you agree with this decision to limit your free speech?... More about this story.
King-Kong Sized Ads Make Great Tailgating Opp
Adrants December 21, 2003
If you thought this was distracting then wait until you see the largest mobile billboard in the world... More about this story.
New state law bans billboard trucks
The Business Journals July 7, 2006
Billboard trucks that display paid advertising on their sides are now banned in Hawaii. Gov. Linda Lingle signed legislation that prohibits billboard trucks... More about this story.
TRUCK ADS® Changeable Banner Frame System
TRUCKADS® June 23, 2006
On June 1, 2006, TRUCK ADS® introduced the TRUCK ADS® Frame System. TRUCK ADS® Frame technology integrates SECUR-TABS® technology developed by TRUCK ADS® with... More about this story.
TRUCK ADS® Frame Kit with SECUR-TABS® on a Truck Invisible and Strong TRUCK ADS® Frame Kit
Do it Yourself (DIY)
Mobile Message
Gainesville Sun April 29, 2006
The aqua lettering on the sides of the Toyota Scion xB reveals something more than an eye-catching ride. It's advertising on the move... More about this story.
Tri-Message on a Truck February 14, 2005
What do you get when you mix motional advertising with mobile billboards? A hot advertising concept. Find out how to tap into a new revenue stream by combining tri-message signage and mobile advertising... More about this story.
TRUCK ADS® Expands Business with Affiliate Program
Adrants October 28, 2003
TRUCKADS®, a firm that handles truck side advertising, has announced a new Affiliate program whereby local ... More about this story.
TRUCK ADS® Offers Affiliate License to Others
TRUCKADS® August 19, 2003
McLean, VA (August 19, 2003) - TRUCKADS®, a nationwide mobile media firm located in Metropolitan Washington, DC ...More about this story.
Soft Target Advertising
TRUCKADS® August 7, 2003
McLean, VA (August 7, 2003) - Advertisements are everywhere and often rub consumers the wrong way... More about this story.
Trucks on the move provide easy, rolling billboards
Business First June 6, 2003
Moving billboards have taken a new twist in Central Ohio with dump trucks, box trucks and trailers being driven ... More about this story.
Truck Advertising
Adrants April 18, 2003
Now here's a good one that I had never been aware of before. Even with all my long years buying space and ... More about this story.
Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping February 28, 2003
Selling vehicle wrapping services is easy when you can offer potential customers a laundry list of proven benefits ... More about this story.

More Mobile Advertising News Articles

Originally Published - 1999 through 2002

ADS on Trucks' Sides are Movable Feast for Eyes
The Business Journal June 28, 2002
Reach America Gets Exposure in Growing Truck Side Advertising Market
Memphis Business Journal April 8, 2002
3M's New Truck Graphics Systems October 1, 2001


Listed below are businesses who recognize the power of outdoor mobile billboards and truck advertising. These brands are seen regularly on the street because it works!
Saab® Lockheed Martin®
Sprint® Oracle®
Verizon® Honda®
Compuserve® Snapple®
Coleman® Coca Cola®
Wendy's® Toshiba®
Mobil® Airtouch®
Dewalt® Target®
Cartoon Network® Wells Fargo®
Geico Direct ® Toyota®
CNN® Motorala®
Urban Fetch® Peoplesoft®
Bosch Power Tools® Sybase® Coldwell Banker®
Orkin® Smirnoff®
Staples® Qwest®
Infoseek® Western Union®
Intel® Coors®
UPN® Yamaha®
KIA® Adaptec®
Ogilvy One Worldwide Harley Davidson®
Raytheon® Abbott Laboratories®
Bell South® Nissan ®
Baily Total Fitness® Fox Sports®
Synopsys® PC Magazine® Microsoft®
Snapper® Taco Bell®
McDonalds® Penske®
PeoplePC® Amazon®
NBC® Petsmart®
Hair Cuttery® Adweek®
QualComm® Jack in the Box®
Bell Atlantic® Fujitsu®
Giant® 20th Century Fox®
UBid® Palm® Bank of America®
ESPN® Allstate®
Blimpie® Nikegolf®
Midas® Siemens®
Culligan® Sunkist®
Safeway® KBKids®
Jackson Hewitt® GE®
Ogilvy & Mather® Pizza Hut®
These are just a few of the many companies who advertise on trucks. Today, all types of companies and causes are successfully advertising on trucks. This is not a client list. Client data is maintained as private and confidential. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

We accept advertising for most products and services. We promote most types of businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse ads that are deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking terms. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how you can do it yourself.


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