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TRUCK ADS® Frames and SECUR-TABS® fasteners permanently bond to most non-porous, flat, smooth surfaces. To remove the frame and Secur-tabs® from a metal surface, carefully peel back the frame from the metal surface and slowly pull it up. Start by using your fingers or a thin, flat, metal, hand tool and pry up the frame.

Removing the Adhesive Residue: You can apply lacquer thinner to assist in removing the adhesive residue. Grimco Rapid Remover or other commercially available adhesive removal products are effective. Apply the liquid material to a cloth rag and wipe it onto the surface where the residue is located to loosen the bond, followed by a dry rag to force the residue from the surface. Be careful. Do not use too much liquid removal material or it might damage the paint surface.

Use an Adhesive Eraser Wheel: Adhesive eraser wheels (available at Walmart and auto stores) are faster and easier than solvents or adhesive cleaners. The wheel is also non-combustible. Resilient rounded edges follow contours and irregular surfaces. Residue comes off without scratches or damage to acrylic enamel or urethane paint.

Frame Removal Wheel

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