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INDUSTRY TRUSTED DATA: Every year, thousands of businesses rely on TRUCKADS® free and easy to use Designated Market Maps to assist them in making critical media buying decisions. In 2014, we began offering all 41,500+ U.S. Designated Market ZIP® Codes in Excel format, to complement the most popular Designated Market Maps on the internet. TRUCKADS® ZIP® Codes can be sorted by Designated Market and 7 other Excel data fields. See example below.

TRUCKADS® U.S. Postal ZIP® Code lists are essential media marketing tools for media buyers, marketers, researchers and advertisers seeking critical media market data.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) currently adds and deletes less than 100 U.S. ZIP Codes per year. However, this results in updates to 1000's of "individual household ZIP CODES" across the country. For the most up to date market ZIP Code data, choose TRUCKADS® ZIP Code database; updated every 3 months!

NIELSEN® and other companies charge $6000+ for Designated Market Area ZIP® Code Data. Plus annual updates for $3000+. Never overpay! Get up to date Designated Market ZIP® Code Data from TRUCKADS® for $449. Updates for $249. Join over 150,000 businesses who have utilized TRUCKADS® ZIP® Code data base since 2014.

TRUCKADS® Designated Market ZIP® Code Data is provided in Excel format.


For a complete list of Designated Regional Market Areas, click here and then click a Designated Market from the list to see the specific market map, plus a complete list of counties, cities, states, ZIP® Codes, and TV stations in that Designated Market.

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Search for Designated Market Maps, 41,500+ Market Area ZIP® Codes, 19,495 Cities, 3007 Counties, 50 States + Washington DC and Puerto Rico, all Market Area Demographics, Local TV Station Call Signs and website links.

What You Get - Up to Date ZIP Code Data

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One Excel File for All Designated Markets You Purchase

ZIP® Code Data Updated Every 3 Months

All U.S. Postal ZIP® Code data is provided in one Excel® file for all Designated Markets purchased. The file contains 8 data fields: 1) ZIP® Codes, 2) City Names, 3) State Codes, 4) Telephone Area Codes, 5) County FIPS Codes, 6) County Names, 7) Preferred and Alias City Names, and 8) Designated Market Names. NOTE: This file can be edited to add customized data.

Download Excel Example
Download EXCEL File Example



Blue Dot5 digit ZIP® Codes

gray dotThe ZIP® Code field lists only valid 5-digit ZIP® Codes currently defined by the USPS. Obsolete ZIP® Codes which have been "retired" by the USPS are purged every year. A particular ZIP® Code may appear in more than one record if the USPS has defined more than one city name for that ZIP® Code.

Blue DotCity Names

gray dotThe City Name field identifies a city name associated with the ZIP® Code by the USPS. There may be several different city names associated with a particular ZIP® Code. If so, the ZIP® Code will appear in several different records, each with a different city name.

Blue DotState Codes

gray dotThe State Name field identifies the state code associated with the ZIP® Code by the USPS.

Blue DotTelephone Area Codes

gray dotThe telephone area code is the "most prevalent" area code for that one ZIP® Code. If multiple area codes apply to one ZIP® Code, only the primary area code is listed. Overlay area codes are not listed.

Blue DotCounty FIPS Codes

gray dotThe County FIPS code is a 5-digit numeric field containing a unique numeric identification assigned to each county by the US government. The County FIPS code field and the County Name field identify the "most prevalent" county for the 5-digit ZIP® Code listed in a given record.

Blue DotCounty Names

gray dotThe County Name field identifies the county associated with the ZIP® Code by the USPS.

Blue DotPreferred and Alias City Names

gray dotThe "Preferred" column in the Excel files can have one of three "identifiers", which indicates how that city can be used for delivery of mail to the associated ZIP® Code. The three "identifiers" are:

gray dotP - This is the preferred city name for this ZIP® Code.
gray dotA - This city name is approved (but NOT preferred) for this ZIP® Code.
gray dotN - This city name is NOT approved for mail delivery to this ZIP® Code.

Blue DotDesignated Market Names

gray dotThe Designated Market Name field identifies the ZIP® Codes within a specific Designated Market.


Call to place your order or fill out the form and we will contact you by phone to place your order. Questions? Call (800) 878-2523 Mon thru Fri, 9am to 5pm eastern time.


Call to place your order or fill out the form and we will contact you by phone to place your order. Questions? Call (800) 878-2523 Mon thru Fri, 9am to 5pm eastern time.


Call 1-800-TRUCKAD to order.

Dot All Designated Markets: $449.00
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