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Saves $100's in fuel costs every year.



Local and Long Distance Truck Advertising



TRUCK ADSŪ Advertising Guarantee  

Post all banners within ten (10) business days of contract start date.*

Deliver completion photos within 10 business days of completing the initial posting.

Repair displays within 10 business days and add days to contract as warranted.

Drivers inspect for tears every work day and notify TRUCK ADSŪ as needed.

Immediately following a major storm, each display is visually inspected for damage.


*Graphic files must arrive at TRUCK ADS 15 business days prior to contract start date. Installation schedule cannot be finalized until all FILES have arrived. Weather conditions and acts of nature may prevent on time installations. We notify advertiser and extend contract date to compensate for delayed installs.

TRUCK ADSŪ Supporting Commitments  

TRUCK ADSŪ provides a time adjustment for all units not installed within the guaranteed date.

Advertiser is notified if creative has not arrived 15 days prior to contract start date.

Advertiser is informed of any display repairs, to insure full contract agreement.

TRUCK ADSŪ sends completion reports to advertiser or agent providing date and photo.

With each copy change out, we provide one (1) unaltered photo of the new creative.

Advertisers receive monthly reports with maps showing where the posting was displayed.*

*Regular routes are excluded from monthly reports.

TRUCK ADSŪ Tracking Solution  

GPS delivers credibility through vehicle tracking. GPS technology addresses the needs and concerns of agencies and advertisers. It is fully integrated with the vehicle and delivers proof-of-performance, complete with digital tracking maps.*


DEC + 2x DEC Factors = Impressions

GPS Data collected 6AM to 6PM*

DEC based on 12 hour day period

GPS Calculation Assumptions

2x DEC Factors

Cost Per Thousand (CPM) impression estimates

Gross impression estimates

Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) estimates

Bringing credibility, accountability and value to advertisers.

*We reserve the option to substitute GPS generated maps for manifest generated maps.


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