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Austin, TX is First Texas City to Limit Free Speech

McLean, VA (April 2, 2010) - See Your AD on a Truck Now, before it's too late. So says, "the powers that be" in the City of Austin. One question from this author to the citizens of Austin Texas, do you agree with this decision to limit your free speech? If you feel as we do, we encourage you to contact this local government to discuss their decision. Per the letter obviously addressed to EVERYONE who reads this and is concerned, contact Clara Hilling at 512-974-2686 or Charles Boas at 512-974-1925.

McLean, VA (December 24, 2014) Update - It appears there is another Texas town of some notoriety that sees fit to outlaw free speech on trucks. Add Lubbock, TX to the list. Way to go Texas! You are proving just how hypocritical shallow people in power can be. After all, it was Austin, TX who first outlawed advertising on privately owned trucks and then sold advertising on their publicly owned trash trucks. Gotta love the rational behind this idea; outlaw the competition! Government employees, don't you realize governments would not exist, if it weren't for free enterprise! See more comments on this subject at

New York City
The State of Hawaii

SCANNED COPY of original letter received from City of Austin April 1, 2010
Addressed to All Who Are Concerned

Letter limiting free speech in Austin TX


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