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TRUCKADS® Designated Market Map vs. NIELSEN® DMA Map

Middleburg, VA (July 10, 2018) - Since 2004, when we first published media market maps, we have been asked whose maps are "better"; TRUCKADS® Designated Market Maps or NIELSEN® DMA MAPS, otherwise known as Designated Market Areas?

We think TRUCKADS® Designated Market Maps and corresponding data are the best geographic media market tools available on the internet today. Each map page provides immediate and valuable detailed marketing data about each media market; including a free ZIP® Code list, list of cities, list of counties, states, census population totals, population ranking and TV stations in the specific media market.

TRUCKADS® Designated Market Maps and data on are available to the public for free. NIELSEN® DMA® maps and data cost thousands of dollars. TRUCKADS® online maps are easy to use and to navigate from market to market. TRUCKADS® online mapping system illustrates where the markets are located in each state and the boundaries between each adjacent market.

"TRUCKADS® Designated Market Maps and NIELSEN® Designated Market Areas
are 99% similar and cover the U.S. without overlapping market boundaries."

TRUCKADS® Designated Market Maps and NIELSEN® Designated Market Areas are 99% similar and cover the entire U.S. without overlapping market boundaries. Both TRUCKADS® and NIELSEN® use county lines as market boundaries and split the exact same 9 counties in 16 media markets. Split counties consist of: Apache AZ, El Dorado CA, Riverside CA, Imperial CA, Solano CA, Collier FL, Penobscot ME, Lea NM and Oneida NY.

Since 2005, TRUCKADS® has displayed its Designated Market Maps to the public at no charge. Full blown NIELSEN® DMA maps and data are not easily available online, unless you purchase them. To complement our free Designated Market Maps and data, TRUCKADS® also offers detailed ZIP CODE data in Excel format – which cost (See price list) substantially less than that offered by NIELSEN®.

TRUCKADS® supports and promotes the advertising industry by publishing its Designated Market Maps and ZIP® Code data to advertising agencies, media buyers and the general public at a fair market price.

Click here to purchase Designated Market ZIP® codes New York Media Market Map

New York Designated Market Map. See all other Designated Market Maps

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