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Middleburg, VA (July 10, 2018) - Over the years, we have been asked many times; whose maps are better: TRUCKADS® Designated Market Maps or NIELSEN® DMA® maps; otherwise known as Designated Market Areas.

The answer is that both mapping systems are effective marketing tools for creating successful ad campaigns. Both systems cover the entire U.S. without overlapping market boundaries and are practically identical for each market throughout the U.S. In addition, both use county lines as boundaries.

But there is a difference. TRUCKADS® Designated Market Maps are available to the general public on our website and are easy to use and to navigate. Our mapping system visually teaches the user where the markets are located and the relationship between the next market over, or a market five or ten states away. We believe our mapping system and corresponding data are the best geographic media market tools available on the internet today, as they provide valuable and detailed marketing information about each media market; including zip codes, cities, counties, states, population, population rank and TV stations. For over 12 years, TRUCKADS® has been displaying its Designated Market Maps to the public at no cost; whereas, NIELSEN® DMA maps and data are hidden from public view and only available for sale at a rather steep price.

To complement our free Designated Market Maps, TRUCKADS® also offers detailed ZIP CODE data at a reasonable price – which is substantially less expensive than offered by NIELSEN®.

TRUCKADS® mission to promote the Out-of-Home advertising industry supports the desire to offer its Designated Market Maps and Zip Code data to advertising agencies, media buyers and the general public. We look forward to your continued visits.

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New York Designated Market Map. See all other Designated Market Maps
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