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Use of the TRUCKADS® brand is like
owning a franchise without the ongoing fees.

Keep 50-100% of the Ad space income
and earn money on banner and frame sales.

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3 Income Opportunities for Truck Side Ad Space
Mobile Ad Campaigns

Typically, advertisers rent ad space on trucks and trailers for $600 to $2000+, per truck, per month. The rate is determined by the number of ads on a truck, competition and length of showing. As a TRUCKADS network carrier, you keep 50% up to 100% of the ad space income, plus receive a 10% commission on all banner sales or 20% up to 25%, if you resell the banners directly to your advertiser. Also, install the banners and frames yourself and make an additional $500 to $1500 per truck depending on the size and quantity.

Short Term 1 to 3 Day "Weekend" Ad Campaigns

Short term ad campaigns for special events can net you up to $1500+ profit per day! It is not uncommon to get a call from a potential advertiser, requiring a billboard for the weekend. This will earn you $1000 to $1500 per day for both sides of a 26' box truck or a 53' semi-trailer. In addition, you receive a 10% commission from TRUCKADS® for each banner purchased by your advertiser from us or resell the banners and frames to an advertiser and make 20% to 25%.

This example grosses $4500+ for a 3 day ad campaign.
"Let's say, you are hired to park your truck for 3 days at the parking lot of a hotel convention center.
You make $1200 per day for the ad space, plus sell the banners and make a 20-25% markup."

Your competition are mobile billboard truck owners. They charge $800 to $1200 per day, plus about $1300 for the vinyl banners on both sides, for a 3 day event. Price your space, based on market availability and your competition.


Long Term "Parked" Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns come in all sizes and shapes. PARKED AD CAMPAIGNS last 1 month or more. This is easy work, if you have a trailer or box truck to park for a month, up to a year. Price your long term non-moving ad campaigns, less than our mobile ad campaigns. Also, receive a 10% commission, or 20-25% for each banner/frame you sell.

Investment Examples

Truck Owners and Ad Brokers

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Each Carrier Ad System™ comes with two full color, professionally designed custom ADMAP™ banners and two frames, for half off the retail price. Each banner prominently displays your company name and phone number. Also, you select the classic ADMAP™ banner color, tell us your travel territory and 1-3 cities that we will display on the map. Included is a free personalized ad contract and installation roller. More...

Minimum purchase size for the classic ADMAP™ Banner is 7' h x 11' w. BOGO FREE price for two 7x11 frames and two banners is just $686, plus shipping. (Retail is $1372)


There are no hidden charges and you can keep 100% of the profit. The Carrier AD System™ and additional frames that attach directly to the truck, are the only "out of pocket" start up costs. The low purchase price (buy one, get one free), is reserved only for truck owners and ad brokers. This is in addition to volume discounts of 10% up to 53% for banners and frames offered at our iStore. No limit on quantity. This BOGO FREE offer cannot be combined with any other discount offer.

3 ADMAP™ Examples - Banner Size Determines Your Total Investment
Carrier Ad System™ includes: 2 ADMAP™ banners, 2 frames, 1 personalized Ad contract, 2 ID decals and 1 installation roller.
Banner Size Retail Truck Size Your Total Cost
180" W x 96" H $ 1754 16 foot box truck - both sides $ 877 + shipping
300" W x 96" H $ 2302 26 foot box truck - both sides $ 1151 + shipping
622" W x 96" H $ 3822 53 foot semi-trailer - both sides $ 1911 + shipping
Banner/Frame Income
Earn 20% to 25%

Carriers buy from TRUCKADS®. Carriers can buy banners and frames at wholesale and resell them to the advertiser. If you charge retail, you make between 20% and 25%. We recommend retail pricing and adding it to the overall ad rate.

Carrier Responsibility

If you have numerous trucks in your fleet and DO NOT have a TRUCKADS® frame on the truck where you are planning to place an advertiser's ad, we advise you to pay for this half of the frame because it is permanently attached to the truck, is used by you over and over and can be written off as an expense. To add half the frame on both sides of a 53 foot trailer (no banners): Your BOGO FREE price is $551.*

*Shipping not included.


Earn 10%

Advertisers buy from TRUCKADS®. If you don't want the hassle or expense of buying and selling to your advertiser, they can order the banners and change out frames direct from TRUCKADS® iStore. They pay retail and you earn a 10% commission. This is a good option for you because we handle all the details and ship the banners directly to you. You have no responsibility for the order other than giving the advertiser the correct height and width of the banners and frames they order.

Your commission for banners and frames is in addition to the ad space revenue you collect directly from the advertiser.

Commission Example

When you already have two frames on a truck, the advertiser pays about $1275 for two 180" W x 96" H banners and two "change out frames." Your commission: $127.

Commission Example

When you already have two frames on a semi-trailer, the advertiser pays about $2721 for two 622" W x 96" H banners and two "change out frames." Your commission: $272.

Banner/Frame Benefits

Changeable Frame System

When you get a new advertiser, either you or the advertiser order a banner and change out frame kit, direct from our iStore. We ship it to you and you install it on your truck.

When you install the banner yourself, you earn more income from advertisers. Or, you can hire installers, charge the advertiser for the installation and make 15-20%.

Our "peel and stick" frame technology makes it easy and profitable. Two people, scissors, a rubber roller and a ladder are all you need to complete a banner and frame installation. Installation takes a couple of hours the first time and once  you have a frame on the truck, "change outs" take half that amount of time. See our installation video for details.

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TRUCK ADS® Frame Kit with SECUR-TABS® on a Truck    Invisible and Strong TRUCK ADS® Frame Kit

TRUCK ADS® frame attaches to the truck with adhesive and can be removed (if needed) without damaging the sides.

Once you install a Starter Frame Kit for your ADMAP™ banners, future "reinstalls" of your banner costs you nothing. The banner frame on the side of your truck remains in place and can be reused 100's of times.

Truckers Prefer TRUCKADS®

Lowest Cost of Ownership. Our frame system is light weight and total cost of ownership is much less than metal frames.

The frame does not damage the truck side. It attaches with adhesives and you never drill holes or use power tools.

It is invisible when the banner is installed and hardly noticeable when there is no banner.

Our frame tested stronger than metal and meets USDOT truck width restrictions.

Make more income because you can install our banners and frames yourself.

TRUCK ADS® frame kits have been on the road for over 10 years and over 284 million accumulated miles, without failure.

Contact Us Anytime for Help

The Carrier Ad System™ business model is simple. You sell space on the inside of your truck. With our tools, you can sell space on the outside of your truck. Call 24/7 with any questions. 1 (800) 878-2523. Our hours are M-F, 9-5pm ET. If we're not open, leave a message with our service and we will get back to you.


NOTE: The total number of truck companies we support is limited.


Call 1 (800) 878-2523 to see if you qualify or email us your info by clicking:


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