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TRUCK ADSŪ Rebrands DMA Map and DMA
ADMAPS Are Popular with Media Buyers and Advertisers


McLean, VA (December 19, 2011) - TRUCK ADSŪ announced today that it redesigned and changed the name of its U.S. MEDIA MARKET MAPS (DMA Maps) that have been posted on, since 2004.

The redesign consists of navigational link changes on each map page to improve the visitor's experience and visual understanding of the states and counties assigned to each of the U.S. Media Markets. The term DMA Map and DMA were updated to ADMAP to reflect this change.

The new acronym "ADMAP" stands for "Area Designated Map" which accurately describes the Designated Media Market Areas each map displays. Each map illustrates designated clusters of counties that display TV Market Areas for all media markets in the U.S.. There are no overlapping market areas. Each market in the U.S. is based on the "reach" of satellite dish, cable and broadcast TV, within a local U.S. media market. See FCC TV Coverage Maps for more information.

Visitors who use our maps are advertisers, media buyers and sellers of media ad space. Businesses who utilize our Designated TV Market Area Maps, do so primarily to target U.S. consumers by Regional Designated TV Market Area, in the same manner as when the maps were branded DMA Maps and DMA.

TRUCKADSŪ MAPS are the most popular and clearly defined Designated Market Maps on the internet and free of charge.



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