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Why Truck Owners Advertise their Truck Side Ad Space
Successful Business Model Generates Visibility, Quality, Credibility and Profits


McLean, VA (June 8, 2013) - TRUCK ADS®, an international truck media and truck banner/frame manufacturing company established in 1996, launched the Carrier Ad System™, a three-pronged business model for truck owners to sell their Ad space. The system has proven to be highly successful when its business model is followed and truck owners offer their Ad space at market price or better.

The Carrier Ad System™ is the first commercially marketed business system that offers a solution to fundamental problems plaguing truck owners trying to sell Ad space; specifically, a lack of awareness by advertisers that truck advertising is available. There are plenty of advertisers, but advertisers must "see" who the truck companies are that are actively selling Ad space.

The TRUCK ADS® solution is like owning a franchise without the ongoing fees. We offer a BOGO FREE big banner Ad that truck owners display on their trucks (plus related tools), to help them sell Ad space. The banners are professionally produced, can be changed out 100's of times by the truck owner and help potential advertisers visualize how their Ad will look on a truck. More...

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After an advertiser is secured and the Ads are on the truck, future new advertisers need a way to reach the truck owner. For this, we provide free branded Identification decals displaying our easy to remember and powerful 1 800 TRUCKAD™ vanity phone number (shown above), which is placed below the advertisers Ad. This is a critical component in promoting sales with new advertisers. More...

"It is important "Advertise Here" Ads not be substandard. Advertisers need help to visualize what their Ad will look like. Size, quality and brand spell credibility and Ad sales."

Truck owners who sell their own ad space are better positioned to keep the cost to advertisers down. With the Carrier Ad System™, the truck owner keeps 100% of the income, plus makes a 10% commission on banner and frame sales to their advertisers, thru our automated online iStore. Results = high ROI. More...


A Waste of Time and Money


Professional Ads Produce Sales

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These basic principles of advertising (visibility, quality and brand name credibility) are used worldwide by transit bus companies, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and websites. For the trucking industry and individual truck owners to enjoy Ad revenue they have only dreamed about, these principals of advertising must be applied. Annual outdoor advertising sales are currently about $7.3 billion dollars and so far, truck advertising represents less than 5% of the total market.

The Carrier Ad System™ addresses all the problems outlined above and supplies everything needed to successfully sell truck advertising space. It helps potential advertisers visualize what their Ad will look like on a truck. See carrier comments. This system brings in advertisers and generates more income for truck owners. Call for free help. Phone 1-800-878-2523 M-F, 9am-5pm EST, 6am-2pm PST.

*Buy 1, Get 1 Free (BOGO) is unlimited, but cannot be coupled with any other promotional offer.            

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