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Thank you for your interest in TRUCKADS® Carrier Ad Network. This year, we celebrate 21 years in the truck advertising business. As a pioneer in this industry, much of our success has come from truck owners like you.

Join today and be included in TRUCKADS® FREE Carrier Ad Network. We can
help you find advertisers for your trucks and grow your business. We split the net profits 50/50, or you can qualify for 100% of the proceeds.

"Sign up today and be included in
TRUCKADS® FREE Carrier Ad Network."

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* You will receive an email confirming that you were added to our Carrier Ad Network. The email also contains information about THE CARRIER AD SYSTEM™; a valuable business offer described below.

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The Special Business Model Offer

Double Your Opportunities to Get Advertisers.
Buy ADMAP™ Banners and Keep 50-100% of the Profits.

Truck owners who buy THE CARRIER AD SYSTEM™ are making an investment in their future. Proactively sell your ad space and make $600 up to $2,000 per truck, per month. Keep 50% or even 100% of the profits and make 10% or more on banners and frames purchased by advertisers.

You receive ADMAP™ Banners, plus free benefits. As a "Priority Network Carrier", you are selected first when we need trucks for an ad campaign.

See help me sell my ad space.

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The Carrier Ad System™ business model is simple. You sell space on the inside of your truck. With our tools, you can sell space on the outside of your truck. Call 24/7 with any questions. 1 (800) 878-2523. Our hours are M-F, 9-5pm ET. If we're not open, leave a message with our service and we will get back to you.


NOTE: The total number of truck companies we support is limited.


Call 1 (800) 878-2523 or email us your info by clicking


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