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TRUCKADS® Provides Billboards for Microsoft and Quest

McLean, VA (March 28, 2005) - Salt Lake City, March 20 thru 24, 2005, Quest® Software and Microsoft® combined forces to advertise on mobile billboards supplied by TRUCKADS®. Novell's Brainshare 2005 was in session at the Salt Palace Convention Center. This is an annual event and this year Microsoft® and Quest® did not let Novell® have all the attendee's attention.  They advertised on large mobile billboards that traveled around the convention center for 5 days, giving their competitors and the attendee's something else to think about besides Novell. The message was simple and apparently effective. One driver reported that they were approached by an unidentified person, who offered $1000 to the driver, if they would just drive off into the sunset and not come back. The driver declined. Apparently Novell didn't think the city was big enough for Microsoft® and Quest® to be there, too. Novell left at weeks end and for all practical purposes, at the close of the convention, TRUCKADS® mobile billboard drove off into the sunset, ready and willing to do battle again, another day.


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