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TRUCKADS® Frames and Total Cost of Ownership

McLean, VA (July 27 2013) - Before choosing which truck banner frame system is right for you, stop and calculate the total cost of ownership for the banners and frames. Truck sign systems weighing 225 pounds up to 450 pounds for 2 frames and 2 banners on a 53' truck will cost 2.5 to 4 times more in fuel loss than TRUCKADS® FRAME SYSTEM, in just the first year. Spread that cost out over 3 years and the cost difference is enormous, while TRUCKADS® frame cost no more than the original investment due to aerodynamics offsetting the weight of the banner and frame materials.

U.S. Government Website Displays the Following Information
"An extra 100 pounds added to your vehicle could reduce your MPG by 1 percent. The reduction is based on the percentage of extra weight relative to the vehicle's weight and affects smaller vehicles more than larger ones."

Fuel Economy Loss per 100 pounds of added weight: 1% Equivalent Fuel (Gasoline/Diesel) Costs: $0.02-$0.03/gallon


Semi-Tractor Trailers Average: 9 MPG/110,000 miles per year.
Fuel Consumption Annual Average: 12,222 Gallons per year.

Comparing Banner Frame Systems
Weight of 2 Banners and 2 Frames on a 53' Trailer (8'x51.5')
Weight Brand Fuel Loss
Govt. Estimate
Extra Fuel Costs
Govt. Annual Estimate
84 lbs TRUCK ADS® Less than 1% $244
225-275 lbs Competitor 1 2%-3% $611
300-350 lbs Competitor 2 3%-4% $733
375-450 lbs Competitor 3 4%-5% $952

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