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USA Television Media Market Area Maps No. 1

McLean, VA (June 27, 2012) - The following PR statement was posted on this website, December 19, 2011; when, after 8 years, TRUCK ADS® changed the term DMA for its maps.

(December 19, 2011) TRUCK ADS® announced today that it has redesigned and changed the name of its' U.S. MEDIA MARKET MAPS (DMA Maps) that have been posted on, since 2004.

This statement was posted just over six months ago. Since that time, we are pleased to report that TRUCK ADS® U.S. MEDIA MARKET MAPS have become better known and more popular on the internet. The average time spent by a visitor on the website increased 25% and the average page views grew 20%, during this time.

Redesigning the maps solidified our position as one of the internet's most popular U.S. Media Market Mapping System, used regularly by OOH media buyers, broadcast, satellite and cable TV stations, major TV networks, major newspapers in the U.S., radio stations, ISP companies, truck side advertising brokers, motion picture producers, bus companies, ad agencies, static billboard companies, major manufacturer's world wide, attorneys, U.S. and foreign governments, U.S. and foreign government agencies, major U.S. political organizations, major financial institutions, small and large businesses of all types and scholastic institutions of higher learning in the United States and around the world. Map updates performed annually.

Unauthorized reproduction of maps prohibited by copyright law.


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