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Soft Target Advertising

McLean, VA (August 7, 2003) - Advertisements are everywhere and often rub consumers the wrong way. Advertisers push us to the limit when they invade our email, fax machines and worst of all, interrupt us at dinner with telemarketing calls. Narrow target advertising is turning consumers off because it is obvious to the consumer they are the target. So, how and where does a business advertise their products and services without alienating potential customers? They choose a "soft target" environment, where the general public is located in great numbers and are willing participants.

Truck side Advertising has always been an effective means of reaching consumers without invading their personal space. It’s been around since the early 1900’s; however the ADS were then owned by the company who owned the truck. Today, the demand for more outdoor advertising options has contributed to the creation of third party advertising on local delivery and long-haul trucks. The truck side AD broker sells the AD space on the trucks to an advertiser who wants higher visibility outdoors.

TRUCK ADS® is an international truck advertising media firm, located in Washington, D.C. and identifies truck side advertising as soft target advertising. “It is non-invasive advertising. Consumers are not forced to view truck advertising, as is often the case with radio or TV. Truck side ADS target consumers in a soft advertising environment and consumers don't think of it as in your face advertising even though it is usually big. The consumer in this circumstance is a willing viewer.”

Truck side ADS offer a clear advantage over stationary billboards. They are mobile and target people in cities and neighborhoods where the people are. They don't invade personal space, they invite attention with colorful graphics and  “on point” messages. They catch your eye, deliver their message and then move on. A truck side AD is soft advertising and leaves behind a positive message without pressure or confrontation.

Truck side advertising is not going to replace traditional media such as television, radio and print. However, there is a good chance it will replace static billboards in jurisdictions that are tired of seeing big billboards mar their landscapes. Fragmentation in all media has added to the increased value and opportunities available in truck side advertising. The effectiveness and affordability of truck side advertising has a growing appeal to both small and large well-established companies. It provides the most “bang for the buck” and can target more consumers and deliver more ADS in a non-invasive manner than almost any other form of advertising. Truck side advertising has been around since the beginning of truck manufacturing, and yet it is the new guy on the block in terms of being able to target consumers outdoors. It is leading the way in soft advertising.


We accept advertising for most products and services. We promote most types of businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse ads that are deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking terms. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how you can do it yourself.


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