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It's fun. It's free. See Your Ad on a Truck

TRUCK ADS® Super Side ads on all white trucks are more visible than King Size bus ads. Plus, bus ads have an image problem and outdoor mobile advertisers soon realize all-white advertising trucks are best suited for a positive ad campaign.



Dot Super Side ads are 4 - 14 times larger than bus ads.
Dot Our TRUCK ADS® are on the road 8 to 10 hours a day.
Dot GRP verified by GPS. You know where they are or where they went or if they are even on the road!
Dot TRUCK ADS® campaign banners are seen on clean, white trucks.
Dot Ad space is elevated for greater visibility at greater distances.
Dot Ads don't compete with vehicle distractions like they do on buses.
Dot CPM ad rates on trucks are much lower.
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Truck Side advertising sells it softly. It is easier to read and less cluttered. Bus side advertising is lost among all the adjacent elements of a bus; and reading text within a small space, is not easy.


Dot Half (50%) of all metro buses sit idle from 10am to 3pm.
Dot What? No GPS? How do you know where they are?
Dot Ads on buses are usually small.
Dot Bus ads compete with multi-colored bus sides.
Dot Low riding ads on buses are difficult to see in traffic.
Dot Ads compete with big wheel wells, doors and windows.
Dot Tail Light ads compete with air conditioners and are often dirty.

TRUCK ADS® MEDIA network of local delivery (straight) trucks travel 125 to 300 miles and 8-10 hours per day. Compare with metro buses that travel 85 to 100 miles, 5-8 hours a day. More miles and more hours, generate more impressions. In addition, our trucks are on the road and don't sit idle, while 50% of metro buses sit idle for 4 to 5 hours in bus terminals during non-rush hour periods.

"Advertise On Our Network Of All White Trucks"

TRUCK ADS® billboards on trucks are big and the bottom edge is about 4 feet above the ground so they can be seen by pedestrians and vehicle passengers at much greater distances, than ads on buses. The bottom edge of ads on buses are only 1 to 3 feet above the ground; making them difficult to see.

Let TRUCK ADS® provide you with the best mobile ad space available today. Decide which markets to target and what percentage of the population you need to reach (GRP). We can then provide you with a free TRUCK ADS® quote.

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We accept advertising for most products and services. We promote most types of businesses on trucks and reserve the right to refuse ads that are deemed in non-compliance with our ads trucking terms. Single item sellers, visit our FAQ page to learn how you can do it yourself.


Visit TRUCK ADS® iStore. Order custom size banners and invisible frames for your truck sides. See testimonials from TRUCKADS® frame and banner users.
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