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Since 2004, thousands of businesses have relied on TRUCKADS® free designated market maps to assist them in making critical media buying decisions. In 2014, we began offering ZIP codes by designated market in a clear and concise format to complement the most popular, designated market maps on the internet. U.S. Postal ZIP® code data and U.S. Census data, properly organized by designated market, become an essential marketing tool for any organization, media buyer, marketer, researcher or advertiser seeking industry standard market specific data to help them target and market to U.S. consumers and businesses.

Other companies charge $6000+ for market ZIP® codes and market demographics. TRUCKADS® ZIP® Code data for all 210 designated markets is affordably priced at $590 + receive FREE market demographics. ZIP code data that we sell is in Excel format and market demographic data is in PDF format. Join hundreds of other businesses who use these valuable marketing tools. Order today and start using the data today.

For a complete list of designated markets click here and then click a market name to see the market map and a list of counties, cities, states, ZIP codes, Demographics and TV stations in a market. Below is a quick look up tool for this data.

Search for Markets, Cities, Counties, States, ZIP Codes, Demographics or TV Stations.

Receive 2 Files for Each Designated Market

Grouped by Designated Market in Excel Format

All U.S. Postal ZIP® code data is provided in one Excel® file for each designated market. Each file contains 8 data fields: 1) ZIP® Codes, 2) City Names, 3) State Codes, 4) Telephone Area Codes, 5) County FIPS Codes, 6) County Names, 7) Preferred and Alias City Names, and 8) ZIP® Code Type.




ZIP® Code files updated every year.

5 digit ZIP® Codes

The ZIP® code field lists only valid 5-digit ZIP® codes currently defined by the USPS. Obsolete ZIP® codes which have been "retired" by the USPS are purged every October. A particular ZIP® code may appear in more than one record if the USPS has defined more than one city name for that ZIP® code.

City Names

The City Name field identifies a city name associated with the ZIP® code by the USPS. There may be several different city names associated with a particular ZIP® code. If so, the ZIP® code will appear in several different records, each with a different city name.

State Codes
Telephone Area Codes

The telephone area code is the "most prevalent" area code for that one ZIP® code. If multiple area codes apply to one ZIP® code, only the primary area code is listed. Overlay area codes are not listed.

County FIPS Codes

The County FIPS code is a 5-digit numeric field containing a unique numeric identification assigned to each county by the US government. The County FIPS code field and the County Name field identify the "most prevalent" county for the 5-digit ZIP® code listed in a given record.

County Names
Preferred and Alias City Names

The Preferred flag can have one of three states, which indicates how that name can be used for delivery of mail to the associated ZIP® code. The three states are:

P - This is the preferred city name for this ZIP® code
A - This city name is approved (but NOT preferred) for this ZIP® code
N - The city name is NOT approved for mail delivery to this ZIP® code

ZIP® Code Type

The ZIP® Code type field identifies special ZIP® codes used for PO Boxes, companies, or the military.


Grouped by Designated Market in PDF Format

All U.S. Census population demographics and housing data are provided in one PDF® file for each designated market. Each file contains 29 data fields for each county, plus a summary total page of each data field for all the counties. Also included is a designated market map and an alphabetical list of counties within the market area.




Census files updated every 10 years. Last update: 2010.



Total Population
Housing Statistics (In Housing Units Except as Noted)
Total housing
Population in owner-occupied (number of individuals)
Renter occupied
Renter occupied
Population in renter-occupied (number of individuals)
Households with individuals under 18
Vacant: for rent
Vacant: for sale
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino
Non-Hispanic or Latino
Population by Sex/Age
Under 18
18 and over
Age 20-24
Age 25-34
Age 35-49
Age 50-64
Age 65 and over
Population by Race
African American
American Indian and Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander
Identified by two or more
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The ZIP® code data files and the demographic data files described on this page are grouped by Designated Market.

Designated markets (see complete list) are well established clusters of counties that illustrate the "reach" of dish, cable and broadcast TV signal strength, within the home market television station viewing area. There are no overlapping markets.



1 Market: $109.00
10 Markets: $190.00
1 Market Group: $390.00
All 210 Markets: $590.00

All orders include market ZIP code data and FREE demographics.
Files are delivered by email or
Allow 2-3 hours for delivery. Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm ET.


Email your order request to:    sales @
To receive an auto reply with instructions, type ZIP CODE DATA in the subject line.
You will also be contacted by phone. For assistance, call: 1 (800) 878-2523.

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