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TRUCK ADS® Frame Kit with SECUR-TABS® on a Truck



How Many Banners
Decide How Many ADMAP™ Banners You Need

Color Options


Positioning the Frame
Invisible and Strong TRUCK ADS® Frame Kit

Sizing the Banner

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Choose a color that you like and will be memorable to viewers in your area. Consider a local sports team color. If you own 1 to 5 trucks, buy 2 banners (for the price of 1) and place them on the driver's side of 2 trucks. If you own 5 to 10 trucks or more, we suggest you order a minimum of 4 banners and frames (for the price of 2) and place them on the driver's side of 4 trucks.

Think Big

Order the CARRIER AD SYSTEM™ Classic ADMAP™ banner and frame as big as possible. This gives your ad maximum visibility and shows potential advertisers what they will get; a big ad. If you order more than the minimum, it is best to keep the banner sizes the same, because it is easier to reorder and change out banners that are all the same size. Multiple sizes force advertisers to create multiple graphics, which costs more.

Size Banners to Fit Your Budget

Reduce your investment by reducing the banner size, but never make the banner size less than 2/3rds the size of the truck side. 2/3rds size will be as effective and you can resize to full size anytime in the future. Minimum size for this program is 7'x11'. BOGO price for a 7'x11' is $686 for 2 banners and 2 frames + shipping. You can visit the iStore and price the banners and frames to fit your budget.


Start by Ordering Your ADMAP™ Banners

Order Online

Example 1
New Orders

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Example 2
Information Needed

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Example 3
Frame Only Orders

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Example 4
Using Promo Code

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When you place your first online order, (Example 1) select the banner from menu B and a Starter Frame Kit from menu C. In the "notes box" (Example 2), tell us your order is for the ADMAP™ banner, include the phone number, company name, states and city names you want displayed. We then design a custom Classic ADMAP™ banner for you and provide a proof of your ad for approval, prior to printing it.

If you just need a frame that attaches to the truck, without a banner (this is necessary when an advertiser's ad is scheduled to go on a truck that does not have a frame), select a "change out frame" (Example 3) and tell us in the "notes box" a frame is needed to attach to your truck for an advertiser.


Before ordering ADMAP™ banners and frames, call for a buy one get one free promo code. Insert the code in the online shopping cart (Example 4) and click "apply". Take advantage of this 50% off discount for all ADMAP™ banner and frame orders.*

*Promo code is limited to the purchase of ADMAP™ banners and ADMAP™ frames. It CANNOT be used to buy banners or frames for your advertisers.

Ordering Banners for Your Advertisers
Option 1: Carrier Buys at Wholesale

You can buy banners and frames from TRUCKADS® at wholesale and resell them to your advertisers at retail. Make 20% to 25%, when you sell at retail.

Option 2: Your Advertiser Buys Direct and Pays Retail

Advertiser's Order

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Sizing the Banner

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If you prefer, your advertisers can order their banners and frames directly from the TRUCKADS® iStore. You receive a 10% commission. Show them how to order banners and frames (Example, at right), or they can call us and we will assist them.

Prior to the advertiser placing an order for banners and frames, provide them with the exact height and width (Example, at right) of the banner/frame. The advertiser is then responsible for this purchase. This approach gives you credibility with your advertiser because you can be confident in knowing that TRUCKADS®, as a member of the BBB for 15 years without complaint, will make you look good.

Explain to the advertiser that they must order their banners and change out frames, plus upload their art work. The change out frame is the portion of the frame that attaches to the banner. (Note: If you don't already have the frame that permanently attaches to your truck, order it yourself at wholesale. Don't obligate the advertiser to order this part of the frame, since it remains permanently attached to your truck and is technically yours.)


Installing the Advertiser's Ad

Option 1: Do it Yourself

Click arrow then full screen HD view option

Banner Installation Video

Once you contract with an advertiser and receive their banners, you are ready to install them. If you need to remove your Classic ADMAP™ banners, roll them onto the cardboard tube it was shipped with, wrap it in plastic and store it for future use. Then install your advertiser's banners. Make between $500 and $1500 per truck for the installation, depending on the size and quantity. When the campaign is over, reinstall your ADMAP™ banners, as needed.

Option 2: Hire a Local Wrap Company

If you choose not to install it yourself; hire a local vehicle wrap company to install the frames and banners. We have relationships with over 700 companies in the U.S., available for this. If we don't already have someone in your area, we will find an installer for you. The typical cost to install banners on both sides of a 16 to 26 foot truck is between $300 and $600. For both sides of a semi-trailer it runs between $800 and $1200. Installation costs are passed on to the advertiser as a direct charge, or you can roll it into their monthly ad rate.


Free Benefits

Vanity Phone Number

High Value Vanity Number

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For each Carrier Ad System™ you purchase, we provide 2 free decals of our high value vanity 1 (800) TRUCKAD phone number (shown at right). Install these decals when you install the advertiser's banners or you can install them when you first install your Classic ADMAP™. This way there is always a contact phone number for a potential advertiser to reach you. For maximum value, always maintain the 1 800 TRUCKAD phone number decal on the truck side rail, just below the advertisements.

Free Ad Contract

AD Contract - Part 1

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AD Contract - Part 2

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We provide you with a free, easy to use, professional and personalized ad contract to sign up advertisers. When you get an advertiser, fill in their company name, the contract amount and how many months the campaign runs. Then have the advertiser sign it and collect the first months rent and a one month deposit. For short term contracts (3 mo. or less), we recommend collecting the full fee up front.

Free Roller

Free Installation Roller

Retail Price: $34

To maximize your ROI, you can install the TRUCKADS® banners and frames with just a few simple tools. You only need a rubber headed roller (Free with your first order of the Carrier Ad System™) and a pair of scissors. No electrical tools are needed because the frame is mounted with adhesive. A step by step installation manual is included with each kit and an installation video is located on the TRUCKADS® website. We suggest reviewing the video before installing your first banner. If you can measure twice and cut once, you'll never have a problem.

FREE Customized Media Kit

When selling ad space, it is a good idea to have a media kit. It is also called a "leave behind". It can be handed out directly to a potential advertiser or emailed to them when they call about advertising on your trucks. It explains who you are and where your trucks travel, what type of trucks you have and how truck advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness and help them sell their products and services.

Purchase four (4) banners and frames (or more) for the price of two (2) and we will provide you with a FREE customized media kit. It is saved as a PDF and Word DOC, so you can publish it online, email it or hand it out to potential advertisers. This service includes 1 free revision.

Frame and Banner Guarantees
Lifetime Frame Warranty

TRUCK ADS® frame kits come with a lifetime warranty. Click here for warranty details, which is included with each frame kit.

2 Year Ink Warranty

Banner ink is guaranteed for 2 years, if UV laminate is applied to banners. This extends the color vibrancy. Vinyl does not wear out for many years and some banners have been on the road for 5+ years.

Contact Us Anytime for Help

The Carrier Ad System™ business model is simple. You sell space on the inside of your truck. With our tools, you can sell space on the outside of your truck. Call 24/7 with any questions. 1 (800) 878-2523. Our hours are M-F, 9-5pm ET. If we're not open, leave a message with our service and we will get back to you.


NOTE: The total number of truck companies we support is limited.


Call 1 (800) 878-2523 to see if you qualify or email us your info by clicking:


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