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Earn More Take Home Income


Make more money each month with TRUCKADS®. We show you how to earn more take home income by eliminating the middleman and rent your ad space directly to advertisers.

Ask yourself; do I want to get $250 a month from a broker while they collect 5 to 10 times that amount? The answer is no. Rent your ad space direct, by showing a TRUCKADS® custom "Advertise Here" banner to 1000's of people daily.  Professional ADMAP™ banners reach local and national entrepreneurs who see your ad and get excited about advertising on your truck. Wait for their call and then make them a great win-win deal.

Renting your ad space is no different than renting interior truck space.
Make $600-$2000+ per month, per truck and keep 100% of the income.
Make 20-25% on every banner and frame your advertiser buys.

TRUCKADS® has been selling ad space on trucks for 21 years. We know what triggers advertisers to buy ad space. They need to see what their ad will look like and have confidence it will be seen. ADMAP™ banners help them visualize the size and quality of their purchase. Answering these questions, helps sell your ad space.

Invest in your Future with ADMAP™ banners that can be reused for years. They help you sell your ad space professionally, so you can start taking home your share of the growing truck advertising industry profits. Earn a higher return on your investment without having to share your profits with anyone.

We supply you with tools needed; including the classic ADMAP™ banner and a free personalized "ad contract" to use when you sign up new advertisers. This offer is  exclusive to a limited number of truck owners in each market. Revenue details...

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Carriers receive two banners and two frames for the price of one! Double your ad exposure on both sides of your truck or place the second banner on another truck. Save $100's or even $1000's with this exclusive offer!*

*Buy 1, Get 1 Free (BOGO) is unlimited, but cannot be coupled with any other promotional offer.
The Carrier Ad System™ Business Model

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Create your custom ADMAP™ banner

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Call 1 (800) 878-2523 for the BOGO free Promo Code

"If you want Ad Income, you
have to Advertise on the Street."


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It's about YOUR FUTURE. . .
"Should I Advertise My Truck Side AD Space?"

Yes! This is a great way to reach advertisers.

Our Classic ADMAP™ banners are the professional way to attract advertisers to buy ad space. It helps them visualize their ad on your truck.

Earn more with TRUCK ADS®. If you hire a broker to sell your ad space, you give up the majority of the income. If they ask too much or have hundreds of other trucks to fill, they may not be able to sell it.

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Whether you drive metro areas or a combination of metro and interstates, the ADMAP™ banner is effective and quickly lets advertisers know you have quality ad space to sell.

Local advertisers need to reach customers in their local market.

Nationwide advertisers need to be seen on interstates and in metropolitan areas.

The best part about this "exclusive business model" is that it's easy to promote your ad space this way. You don't alter your driving routine and you can keep 50% up to 100% of the income.

Using Our Brand is Like Owning a Franchise
Advertisers Call You

There is an increasing need for effective, outdoor ad space. Because of the internet and the resulting decreased effectiveness of ads in newspapers and magazines, outdoor ad space is one of the best places to create low cost, brand awareness. Advertisers know this and will call you.

Increase Your Monthly Income

If an independent ad broker sells your ad space you receive approximately $200 to $350 per month, per truck. Contrast that amount with selling your own mobile ad space for $600 to $2000 PER MONTH, PER TRUCK, or more. Plus, TRUCKADS® pays you a 10% commission for each banner and frame we sell to your advertisers. It's even possible to make up to $4500 for a 3 day weekend Ad campaign.

Establish a Strong Brand Name in your Market

Each TRUCKADS® ADMAP™ banner and identification decal includes the TRUCK ADS® brand. Use of our brand is like owning a franchise without the ongoing fees. It helps sell your ad space. If a potential advertiser forgets your phone number (easy to do), they easily remember our 800 vanity number and brand, then find TRUCKADS® on the internet and call us. We ask a few questions, identify who they saw and then redirect them to you.

Contact Us Anytime for Help

The Carrier Ad System™ business model is simple. You sell space on the inside of your truck. With our tools, you can sell space on the outside of your truck. Call 24/7 with any questions. 1 (800) 878-2523. Our hours are M-F, 9-5pm ET. If we're not open, leave a message with our service and we will get back to you.


NOTE: The total number of truck companies we support is limited.


Call 1 (800) 878-2523 to see if you qualify or email us your info by clicking:


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