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McLean, VA (July 2, 2003) - TRUCK ADSŪ now offers a useful media tool for the trade, fleet owners and individual truck owners. This Media Tool enables advertisers to see what an ADVERTISEMENT will look like on a truck, before buying or quoting the AD. With little knowledge of computers, a visitor can see their AD before contacting a TRUCKADSŪ Affiliate, requesting a quote or actually buying an AD from our iStore.

If you have a photo of yourself, it is fun to see what you look like on the side of a truck. On a more serious note, there are 9 different AD sizes so you can see what your graphic looks like on the side of a truck prior to buying a banner for your truck or AD space from a media broker. The See Your AD on a Truck Now is an easy to use visual aid tool for anyone considering advertising on a truck.



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See Your AD on a Truck Now

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