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Saves $100's in fuel costs every year.


Outdoor Truck Media Services

Local and Long Distance Truck Advertising

Outdoor Mobile Ad Campaigns

TRUCK ADS®, a premier outdoor advertising company, offers truck media ad space for businesses to establish solid brand awareness in any of the 210 U.S. Media Markets. For the past 21 years, we have worked successfully with advertisers, ad agencies and media buyers around the country providing local, regional and national outdoor truck media ad campaigns.

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TRUCK ADS® Truckside Advertising Coast to Coast and Local Markets


Our experience has shown that a successful ad campaign needs a minimum of 4 trucks per market. More trucks, result in more “eyes” and higher frequency. The higher the frequency, the faster your brand will grow in targeted media markets. Increase your return-on investment (ROI) every month and stay connected to your growing list of new customers with truck media.

All Inclusive Truck Advertising Services

TRUCK ADS® installs large, high quality vinyl banner billboards on trucks using our patented Invisible Media Frame System®. The frame maximizes the creative impact of your truck media ad campaign because it is completely concealed behind the banner.

At the outset of each campaign a completion report of the installation is generated for each client.

We deploy client ad campaigns on 16 to 26 foot delivery trucks in local media markets and on 48 to 53 foot semi-trailers that make deliveries in multiple media markets. Semi-trailers are seen regionally on interstate highways and within local markets.

All trucks in a TRUCK ADS® campaign are equipped with a truck tracking GPS* device, which monitors where the truck travels each day (from 6am – 6pm).  We provide tracking maps for you to monitor where your ads traveled during the duration of your TRUCK ADS® campaign.

See all inclusive ad rates.

*We reserve the option to substitute GPS generated maps for manifest generated maps.

Successful Branding Requires a Media Mix

Savvy advertisers and media buyers know that visibility and frequency are key elements in achieving brand dominance. When coordinated with internet ads, drive time radio ads and/or TV and print ads, our outdoor truck media ads provide maximum saturation in targeted media markets.

Truckside Advertising Yields High Impressions

Independent research indicates that truck side advertising on all white delivery trucks are more visible and create more lasting "impressions" than all other types of outdoor media, including buses. Advertisers who target 2-20 media markets with as few as 4 trucks per market (wrap around ads, for 4 months duration), generate approximately 3 GRP within any of the top 20-50 media markets for less than $2.00 per 1000 impressions. Our 2x Dec Factor further enhances impression totals for most ad campaigns. See all inclusive ad rates.

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Outdoor Mobile Advertising

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