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A: It's easy when you join TRUCK ADS® Carrier Ad Network and display the Ad that looks similar to the one shown here. It is an exclusive program for truck owners who take a proactive approach to selling their AD space and making a bigger return on their vehicle investment. We also offer free sign-up for truck owners who want more information, but not ready to move forward.

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A: Yes. Most city, county and state regulations do not restrict advertising on the sides of local and long haul delivery trucks. TRUCK ADS® Frame Kits and banners can be installed on smooth, non-porous, flat and secure mounting surfaces. Use the Carrier AD System™ to successfully sell your AD Space.

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A: It's easy and you can do it yourself. With our exclusive Carrier Ad System™, your Ad is seen by 44,000 people everyday in the top 20 markets. You sit back and wait for Advertisers to call you, then make a deal and keep 100% of the profits. Keep all the income and not share it with a broker. Our system is the best way to attract potential advertisers and help them visualize what their AD will look like on a truck. See examples TRUCK ADS® Carrier AD System™ Color Options, then continue reading about the details.

A: If you travel within one or more of the top 20 media markets, your TRUCK ADS® CLASSIC ADMAP™ banner will be seen by approximately 44,000 persons a day on the driver's side.

Rod Harris, CEO

A: If an AD broker sold your AD space, you would receive between $200-$350 per truck, per month. By using our carrier advertising kit and selling your own AD space, you can take home $600 up to $2000 profit per truck, per month, depending on the market size and length of showing. See TRUCK ADS® Monthly AD Rates for comparison.  For a 3 day "weekend event", take home up to $4500 profit. Also, you will make a commission from us on each banner and frame sale to the Advertiser. See Q7 below and for more details click here.

Low Cost Business Model

"Use of the TRUCKADS® brand is like
owning a franchise without the ongoing fees."

A: No. The best part about this business model is that you don't have to alter your normal driving routine. You go about your normal business and attract potential advertisers whenever you travel or park your vehicle. Once you get an advertiser, the choice is yours whether you want to alter your route to meet your advertiser's visibility needs.

A: Because it is a complete business model with everything needed to successfully sell your AD Space. It pays you the most money, you keep 100% of the profits and it's easy! The TRUCK ADS® brand on your truck (established 1996) with the advertisement slogan "Advertise Here" will increase your credibility and profits.

The only truckside advertising tool you'll ever need.

"It's like owning a franchise without the ongoing fees."

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Truck owners earn more income.

Buy 1, Get 1 Free, full color Classic ADMAP™ Banner. Custom banners display your driving area, your phone number, the TRUCKADS® brand and the "impressions count" based on the media market you drive. This BOGO FREE offer is unlimited for truck owners and their brokers. More...

Advertisers Call You. If a potential advertiser forgets your phone number (easy to do), they easily find TRUCK ADS® on the internet and call us. We ask them a few questions to identify your banner or your advertiser's banner and then redirect them back to you. We also provide 2 free decals you can place below your advertiser's banner to make sure potential advertisers find you, even when you have an advertiser posted on your truck.

Make 10% Commission or more on each Banner & Frame Your Advertiser Purchases. You don't do a thing except tell the Advertiser what size banner and frame to order at our online iStore. We take care of the details and get the banner and change out frame shipped to you for installation and you make 10% commission on their purchase. Or you can buy from us at wholesale, then resell and make even more. More...

TRUCK ADS® Invisible Media Frame System®. Our frames are easy to install. Just "peel and stick" to your truck. It does no damage to truck sides. They are eco-friendly, come with lifetime guarantee and can be used hundreds of times. Banner change outs usually take less than an hour. More...

Free "AD Contract" with Your First Order. Truck owners receive a free truck advertising contract to use with Advertisers. This professional contract clearly spells out the monthly payment schedule, down payment terms, length of the AD campaign and banner size for each truck, plus fine print terms that help protect your interests. We customize it, by adding your company name, address, phone number and email. More...

A: No. TRUCK ADS® banners and frames are easy to install with just a few simple tools. No electrical tools, no saws and no screw drivers are needed to install the frame, as it is mounted with adhesive. You only need a rubber headed roller and a pair of scissors. See installation video on TRUCK ADS® website.

A: Yes. The frame system has been in commercial use for over 10 years and 284 million miles, without failure. It successfully passed testing by a leading independent vehicle engineering laboratory at speeds of up to 120 mph and in all types of extreme weather conditions; freezing rains, winds and temperatures from -40 to +200 degrees Fahrenheit. It also passed independent strength tests when compared with welding, rivets and epoxy glue. See more frame kit FAQ's.

A: Truck owners who want the "Carrier AD System™", "BUY 1, GET 1 FREE" (BOGO) banner and frame kit in unlimited quantities. Lowest price for 2 banners and frames (BOGO) is $686 for the 7' x 11' size. When you get to the iStore check out page, insert the BOGO promo code (call or email for promo code). BOGO FREE buyers get two banners and frames on a 16' box truck for less than $900 (that's a savings of $900!) or two banners and frames on a 53' trailer for less than $1995 (saving over $1900!). Order any size. If you are on a tight budget, reduce the banner size and pay less.

A: Weight and profile determines annual cost of ownership for banners and frames. TRUCKADS® FRAME KIT IS DESIGNED TO SAVE YOU GAS. The cost can be significant if you buy a competitor's frame. For more information about TRUCK ADS® Frame and how it compares to other truckside banner and frame systems, click here. Some banners and frames cost over $1900 per year in fuel loss because of added weight.

A: For more information about TRUCK ADS® Carrier AD System™ for truck owners and the TRUCK ADS® Frame system in general, go to the CARRIER AD SYSTEM™ main page or call 1.800.878.2523, Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm, ET.


Saves $100's in fuel costs every year.


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